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Richard Vuduc
Director of Graduate Studies, CSE

Academic Advisor II
Graduate Program Advisor, CSE

CSE PhD Program

The application deadline for the Ph.D. program in CSE is December 15th.

The CSE Ph.D. degree is a joint program between the Colleges of Computing, Sciences and Engineering.

Georgia Tech's CSE Ph.D. degree will prepare students for a variety of positions in industry, government and academia that emphasize research and development. Students will be well prepared for positions in industry in areas such as engineering software systems, web technologies (e.g. search or analysis of social networks), software for consumer product and drug design, to mention a few. In government (e.g., national laboratories), graduates may pursue work in software and systems for modeling and simulation, systems integration, data mining and visualization, high performance computing, and computational modeling. Academic career possibilities include research and education in departments concerned with advancing the state-of-the-art in the development and application of computational models in engineering, the sciences and computing.

The CSE Ph.D. curriculum is designed to provide students with the practical skills and theoretical understandings they'll need to become leaders in the field of computational science and engineering. The program emphasizes the integration and application of principles from mathematics, science, engineering and computing to create computational models for solving important real-world problems.

In conjunction with foundational courses, students develop skills to become proficient software developers on conventional computing platforms as well as high-performance machines (e.g., cluster computers and supercomputers). Additional courses enable students to specialize in a domain and technical expertise focusing on their particular interests.